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Month: November 2019

The environmental and social cost of cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology first introduced by Satoshi Nakamura to solve the agency problem of a third party being involved in financial transactions. We can perhaps point to the great recession of 2008 as the main driver for such a technology. Consumers confidence in financial institutions for transactions waned. The creator of blockchain technology came up with …

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Looking at cute things improves motor tasks – the power of Kawaii

In Japanese, the term Kawaii is used to describe things that are cute in nature. Cute is often defined as having a large head to body proportion, round and large eyes.  Stuff that people may associate with cute would include babies, small animals and animated characters.  Japanese scientists have done a study on how looking …

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How art changes your brain

Art can be a therapeutic source, bringing one feelings of calm and happiness. Researchers in Germany have found in a study that interactions with visual art pieces can relieve stress, bring about greater self collection and regulate heart rate and cortisol levels.  28 post-retirement adults participated in the study and were segregated into two different …

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Copyright tips for bloggers

This is not an article providing professional litigation advice on copyright and copyright infringements. You should consult a lawyer if you need legal advice.  Starting a new blog, excited about posting all your awesome content on the internet, here are a few copyright guidelines that would make you a more informed blogger. In the age …

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Direct brain to brain communication between persons

Scientists have achieved brain to brain communication between humans. Scientists were able to demonstrate the conscious transmission of brain information from one person to another without any verbal, physical contact or motor and peripheral nervous systems interactions.  Binary values that encoded words were transmitted between one person in India and another in France via the …

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7 Sites for graphic design

Canva Canva is a great tool for creating info graphics, posters and cards. There are free templates to choose from and some are optimized to fit your social media profiles. Collaborate with team members. Embed your work on any website easily. Priced plans gives you access to premium themes, photos and more. Offers printing services …

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The concept of consciousness remains one of the most intriguing philosophical questions. It seeks to ask who we are, what are we and do we really know what we know or is all an illusion? During our youths, we rarely seek out this question relating to personal identity. We accept things the way they are. …

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Why do we have names?

Have you ever wondered what your name means or why your parents gave you a name and not the other? We are given names for the simple reason of identifying one person from the other, like how we name things. Call a chair a chair and a table a table. We even give our pets …

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Where to get Science news

Always dreamed of being a scientist, are an engineer, technologist or researcher? Get your dose of credible and interesting news on science from the following sites. 1. Wapp Times Yes, get the scoop on interesting science on this website. Wapp Times scours the internet for exciting discoveries, crunches the information down into bite size nuggets …

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Cognitive styles affect music preferences

Researchers from Cambridge University have found that a person’s cognitive style influences that person’s taste for music. The study identified participants and segregated them into 2 distinct categories. Namely, Type E (Empathetic cognitive thinking) and Type S (Systematic cognitive thinking). The study found that people with Type E personalities preferred music that were on the …

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More than 5 trillion plastic pieces floating at sea

Plastics have been receiving a bad rap over their use and for good reason.  US researchers have analysed data from 24 expeditions across sub-tropical gyres, coastal Australia, Bay of Bengal and the Mediterranean sea and using oceanographic model predictions, they have estimated that 5 trillion plastics pieces weighing up to 250 000 tons are floating …

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