Why do we have names?

Have you ever wondered what your name means or why your parents gave you a name and not the other?

We are given names for the simple reason of identifying one person from the other, like how we name things. Call a chair a chair and a table a table. We even give our pets names!

Parents put a lot of effort into naming their offspring. They often settle for names that have a nice ring to it or which represents a certain meaning or virtue that they would like their child to aspire to. A name is something we associate with our identities and often for life.

Names also tend to have a certain socio-cultural connection that binds us with community.

For example, we pass on last names or surnames and it gives us a sense of belonging to people we have close connections with.

People also change their names if they feel that they want to belong to a certain community like how migrants would anglicize their names to fit into english societies.

Giving someone your name also means that you are giving the other person some sort of power or influence over you. By letting people know of our names, we are inviting them into our social circle.

This blog post reveals how a a teacher relates with her students by their names.


Yes your name says you are special, unique and awesome! If you’ve been floating through life, never really thought about the meaning of your name, check out this website that allows you to search for the meaning of your name, the history of its origin and how other people think about it. Who knows, you may just about have an epiphany that jolts you to life.