10 Asian Food Recipe Sites

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Love wholesome

A recipe site that churns out great foods using Asian ingredients. Discover asian main dishes, stews and soups infused with western cuisine. Home made drinks in Asian style. Delicious asian deserts or a sweet treat for the night.

Kitchen Sancutary

Kitchen sanctuary whips up traditional Asian style dishes like sweet and sour pork, korean dishes and Indian spicy curry. They not only cater to the asian palette but also provide many recipes using western dishes like pasta and lasagne. Whips up vegetarian and gluten free menus. Quick 20-minute no fuss meals caters to busy individuals.

Asian Recipe

Asian recipe is a huge depository of asian recipes. They classify dishes according to regions. Find recipes that come from Cambodia, Mongolia and Singapore. They also teach you how to whip up asian deserts from the various regions. Discover recipes on cakes, cookies, mochis and more!

Jamie Oliver

Hear it from Jamie Oliver, one of the most renowned cooks in the world. Here, he gives his take on asian cuisines. Check out recipes on tofu salad, rojak and sticky mango rice desserts.

Budget Bytes

Has a repository of asian recipes. From ramen, to stir fried dishes and sweet and sour meat dishes. Whip up these recipes on a budget! Other recipes include breakfast meals, bread recipes and desserts.


Promises easy to cook asian recipes. Recipes for Korean, Thai, Japanese and more. Has a list of recipes that caters to gluten free and vegetarian diets.


A delicious collection of asian food. From dumplings to stir fried rice dishes, asian desserts like red bean and curry. Adds a little focus on food presentation. Create cute dishes like pig shaped dumplings and cute japanese bento sets.

Taste of Asian food

Discover loads of asian food recipes on this site. Provides recipes for asian style breakfast, main dishes like marmite chicken, Indian cuisines such as tandoori chicken and Malay dishes like nasi padang and nasi lemak. Go the full course as they provide you recipes for appetizers, main dishes and unique asian desserts like mooncakes and salted egg paus.

Asian Food Network

A collection of asian food recipes. Find cuisines from the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. Provides different menus using various meat types and ingredients from around the region. Popular dishes such as Tom Yum risotto and the famous Singapore Chilli Crab.

Serious Eats

Hude display of asian food recipes. Discover recipes from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and more. Cuisines use various asian ingredients such as rice, ramen and congee.